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Sharable as links
Share your recordings with your colleagues as a link.
Only your teammates can view your recordings.
Frozen in time
All assets are fetched and stored by Whitespace. So recordings will never change even if you modify assets in your app.
Record from localhost
Record in-progress features straight from your local development environment.
Time travel
Some bugs are harder to reproduce. That's why you can save the last minute of any session with just the click of a button.
Http requests
Understand unhandled and hidden http errors. Status, body and headers are fully inspectable.
Carbon copy
Capture what actually happened by recording changes to html, css, etc. instead of a grainy video.
Zero effort
Just hit record, trigger the bug and boom you got a bug report.
Privacy filters
Remove any sensitive data like passwords, token, session data.
Whitelist sites
Only activated on sites you choose.
A full bug report in seconds
Bug reports has looked the same since forever. You try to jam as much detail as possible to avoid the dreaded "can't reproduce". It's time to fix that. Whitespace captures every possible detail automatically and puts it all in a neat little package you can share as link.
Cannot change profile picture
When I try to update my name and profile picture in the settings view I get an error message saying: "failed to save settings".
Steps to reproduce
1. Login to the gallery with a regular user
2. Go to the settings page
3. Fill in a name
4. Select a profile picture
5. Press Save
6. An error message saying "failed to save settings" will be shown
App version
Desktop, macos 14, Chrome 121
User/sesssion info, regular user
With Whitespace
Cannot change profile picture

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Great for side-projects
  • Never deleted
    Recordings are available forever and never deleted.
  • Time travel
    Missed a hard-to-reproduce bug? Replay the last minute.
  • 60 seconds time limit
    Record complex scenarios. Up to 60 seconds.
  • Public recordings
    Each recording is publically sharable as a link.
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  • Private recordings
    Recordings are only sharable & visible for users in the team.
  • Public links (Coming soon)
    Share recordings outside your organization.
  • Privacy filters (Coming soon)
    Remove sensitive data from recordings.
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