Getting started with one-click bug reports

Whitespace is a browser extension that lets you record bugs in your browser and share them as video-like recordings to your colleagues.


Download the Whitespace extension

The Whitespace extension is available for download from Chrome Web Store.

Pin Whitespace in your browser

Pin the extension to your browsers toolbar to make sure you're always ready to record.

Allow Whitespace access

Open the page you want to record and click on the extension icon . You need to give Whitespace access to a page before you can record it. This is a security measurement to ensure Whitespace can only record pages you approve of.

Record your first bug

Press record, trigger the bug, press stop. You'll be redirected to the recording in a few seconds.

Share the recording with a colleague

You can now share the recording with a colleague. If you're on the Personal plan anyone with the link can view the recording. If you want to limit the people that can view the recording you can subscribe to the Pro plan.
One-click bug reports straight from your browser
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