Bug report template

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A bug report is a documented record detailing an issue encountered in a software application. It serves as a communication tool between users, testers, and developers, providing clear and concise information about the problem. The report typically includes a description of the bug, steps to reproduce it, expected versus actual results, and relevant technical details.

Effective bug reports are crucial for diagnosing and resolving software defects promptly. They help maintain the quality and functionality of the application by ensuring that all issues are identified, tracked, and addressed systematically.

A brief, descriptive title of the bug (e.g., "Login button not working on mobile devices").

Reported by
Name of the person reporting the bug.

The date when the bug was reported.

A detailed description of the issue. Explain what is happening and what should happen instead.

Steps to Reproduce
List the steps taken to reproduce the bug. These steps should be easy to follow by anyone.

Expected Result
Describe what should happen when the steps are followed.

Actual Result
Describe what actually happens when the steps are followed.

Indicate the severity of the bug. Does it stop a planned release? Is it so severe someone must fix it ASAP? Is it just an slight improvement and a fix can wait?

Include relevant details about the environment where the bug was observed. (e.g., device information, operating system, browser, app version.)

Attach any relevant screenshots or video recordings that illustrate the bug.

Additional Information
Add any other relevant information that might help in diagnosing the issue (e.g., error messages, console logs).

Copy this bug report template into your bug tracking tool and use it as a template for all new bugs. This templates gives you a great foundation to organize your bugs. This will help you keep track of the current bugs in you system and their current status.

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Report bugs like it's 2024
Bug reports has looked the same since forever. You try to jam as much detail as possible to avoid the dreaded "can't reproduce". It's time to fix that. Whitespace captures every possible detail automatically and puts it all in a neat little package you can share as link.

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